Kenawa Island 'The Hidden Paradise'

Jakarta (Indonesia Mandiri) – This island, which belongs to the Gili Balu cluster, has an area of ​​13.8 hectares, with a coastline of 1.73 km, making it The Hidden Paradise.

This island with a vast expanse of savanna is located in West Sumbawa - NTB, which can be reached in about 20 minutes from the port of Poto Tano, by boat with a capacity of 10 people.

On Kenawa Island, there is a hill.  You can climb the only hill on this island with soft trekking for about 15 minutes.  On this hill you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset.

Snorkeling lovers, this island is the right place.  Because the beauty of the sea is still awake.  You will be satisfied to see the colorful coral reefs and fish, as well as the beauty of the Mangrove Forest which is rarely exposed. (FMawero)

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